February: The Most Romantic Time of the Year

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Is it just me, or is there something strangely suspicious about Valentine's Day? If you didn't know anything about it's history, you would think that there was just some sort of commercial conspiracy involving the greeting card industry and all florists. Originally this day was celebrated as Saint Valentine's Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine. While this day began as a liturgical celebration in the church, it is primarily observed these days as an occasion to express romantic love. It is observed in many countries in the world...but not all countries actually refer to it as a holiday.

For those who are married, I have noticed something about how married couples celebrate Valentine's Day. There certainly are exceptions, but I have noticed that the longer people are married... the gifts become more practical, and less romantic. I know a couple, who at the time they were celebratiing there 25th anniversary. Of all the gifts that they could have given each other to celebrate this momentus occasion...what did they come up with? Flowers, Candy, Romantic Cards, or a Getaway you ask? No, they gave each other Oder-Eaters.

I have to say that gift would have never crossed my mind. Can you see the moment of truth here...you look your husband or wife in the eye and you say something like this, "Darling, we've been together for some time now. You have stuck with me through thick and thin. We've seen our fair share of good times and bad, happy and sad, but as we reflect on our life together...I just want to give you this gift and say...your feet stink!"

Now I want to be fair and say that there is nothing wrong with practical gifts...but as you think about how you might best celebrate Valentine's Day, may I give some suggestions?

Lavish the one you love with words that build up and not tear down.

Observe and point out the very best qualities of your mate.

Vow to be honest, faithful, and true all the days of your life.

Express gratitude to God and each other for bringing you together.

Now this list of suggestions is not an exhaustive list, but I believe it is helpful. Either way, I think it's better than Oder-Eaters. Happy Valentine's Day!







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