Financial Information

Steve Freeman Ministries asks that as we are trying to be sensitive to the needs of you and your church, or other organization, that you would do the same for this ministry.

We ask that all expenses be covered. These would include mileage at .58 cents per mile round trip, (or airfare), food, and lodging-in a hotel. Expenses should never come out of the love offerings, and/or Honorarium, but solely out of your church or other organization's budget.

Above these expenses, we generally ask that love offerings be received at each service. We prefer this method because We are convinced that if given the opportunity, people will always give in proportion to how God is blessing them during the services.

Also providing an opportunity at each service for people who might feel led by God to support our ministry through a love offering, will not only be a blessing to us, but God will bless them as they are obedient to him. Giving is a vital part of worship. Please do not rob your people of the blessings and opportunities afforded through giving.

It could be that your church would prefer to do a combination of love offerings and honorarium. This is certainly a good way to meet the financial needs of Steve Freeman Ministries. Luke 10:7 . . . “for the laborer is worthy of his hire.” 1 Timothy 5:17. . .”especially they who labor in the word and doctrine.”

In the event that you schedule Steve Freeman Ministries for just a single service or a special day event, a standard honorarium would be required. The amount would be determined based on the event and Steve's availability. Please contact his office for further information.

However you wish to utilize Steve Freeman Ministries, please begin encouraging your people to pray that God would move and work in a mighty way. Pray that lost people would be saved and that saved people would fall in love with Jesus all over again.

If you have further questions, contact Steve Freeman Ministries at:

Steve Freeman Ministries
510 MacArthur Ave.
Colonial Heights, Va. 23834
(804) 520-6959